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Jampick was established in 2013 as a start-up mobile game development company.


Team is highly experienced in the development of online and mobile multiplayer games. Since starting gaming business, Jampick developed three mobile games: Farm Island Story (3D side scrolling/farming game), Monster War (RTS/RPG game), and Battle Gates (MOBA game with RPG elements). Also, Jampick developed two apps: SALESMASTER and COUZZANG.


While developing games and apps, Jampick team has been paying close attention to Blockchain Technology. Benefits such as greater transparency, security, and traceability are making positive changes in many industries such as finance, healthcare, education, and media. Blockchain Technology has recently been taking some massive leaps forward and, in many cases, it is being used as an alternative to existing technologies.


Jampick saw potential and believed Blockchain Technology could also benefit and disrupt the video media market. After carefully analyzing the market, Jampick team decided to refocus its business and challenge itself in the Blockchain world.


That is how Chainflix was born.


Chainflix is Jampick’s first ever Blockchain project. Jampick developed Chainflix to solve the issues of current video media market. Chainflix is a decentralized, Peer-to-Peer, video sharing platform that will disrupt and revolutionize how we share videos. On our platform, anyone who clicks "Play" can now mine coins with no gear, no plugins, and no complications (Patent Pending). Through this simple, fair, and transparent profit-sharing model, creators and viewers will be motivated to invest their talents and their time.


Jampick is passionate about creating the most exciting and engaging experiences for our users!


Our Work

     Blockchain Based Video Streaming Platform



  • Earning coins by simply watching videos and ads.

  • Fair and transparent revenue-sharing model.

  • Greater earning opportunities for content creators and enhancers.

  • Boost your sales by outsourcing to Salesmaster

  • Connect to sales dealers who have various industry expertise that your company can leverage for maximum profitability at a cost that you can afford.

  • Generate leads, set appointments and close sales for your company. Salesmaster handles every step within the sales funnel on behalf of your business.

  • Features: faster sales cycles, bigger pipelines, greater performance, no more long ramp up time, no more excessive recruitment and sales training costs, No more frustration with sales team turnover.

Farm Island Story
  • 3D side scrolling running and farming game.

  • Alternative paths to play, Strengthen your character ablilities and rebuild your own village.

  • Currently not available.

  • Fast thinking RTS/RPG defense game.

  • Amazing graphic and sound in unique style

  • Touch or drag game interface.

  • The premise is very simple; take over
    your enemy's units before they can take over yours.

  • Currently not available

Monster War
Battle Gates
  • Battle Gates is a highly organized mobile MOBA game with RPG elements.

  • It has 8 different game maps and can be played in either 1v1, 2v2,3v3 along with AI companions and real players as well.

  • Unique guild and minion gate systems.

  • Currently not available

  • Reward-Based Advertising Platform.

  • Offers advertising revenue to users in a fair way based on the number of downloaded coupons.

  • Users who don’t use the downloaded coupons will be demoted in ranking and will have a limitation on the number of times they can download certain coupons.

  • Delivers real-time coupons, it alerts users to location-based deals, enables them to find deals nearby.

  • Once users reach $20 on their account, they can transfer all the money out of the account and into their own private account.

  • Currently not available





Jampick is passionate about building highly creative, exciting, and innovative entertainment for its users.

Combining a start-up atmosphere with the ambition to build cutting-edge technology, the team members are passionate skilled workers with back-end experience who want to move fast, have fun, and make a big impact on the entertainment  industry.

Jeong-seok,Oh is the CEO & Founder of Jampick. Previously, he worked for Wegames Incorporated as a project manager. The company developed a game called Visual Godori which had approximately 40 million users in 2000. Jeong-seok then worked for Freenix as an overseas marketing senior manager and successfully launched 3D Online Golfgame called Freegolf in Japan and in the United States.He was in charge of overseeing, optimizing, analysing ad campaigns and managing publisher expectations.

Jeong-seok subsequently joined as a new mobile business development director.

Jeong-seok, Oh CEO & Founder

Jung-su, Park worked for NCsoft corporation where he developed Blade and Soul. also he worked for Gravity Corporation, Wemade Entertainment Corporation as a gameengine development team leader.

Jung-su, Park Technical Advisor

Seong-rok, Yoon worked for Alphaclound, developed a full 3D MORPG named by

Castle Master (#1 in RPG/Strategy game in Canada, Korea, Indonesia and

other 13 countries in 2012) and has almost 20 years strong game industry experience working on cross-platform or connected games. Recently, he is focused on solution development in Blockchain and related technologies such as Ethereum, crypto currencies, smart contracts while running his own mining pool which has 900 concurrent miners.  

Seong-rok, Yoon Chief Technology Officer

Jin-su,Park worked for CCR corporation, wemade Entertainment Corporation as a graphic designer. Nexon Games Corporation as well.

Jin-su, Park Senior Designer


John has over 17 years of marketing experience with both large and small companies.

He has helped Jampick find new overseas business partners and set up a local office in the U.S to manage production sales, marketing and finance.

John Bennet Wiggins International Business Development Director


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